Yesterday, March 22nd, 2009, I along with my friends traveled to visit the Hingol National Park. That was a whole lot fun. We hired a small bus instead of going via our own cars. The whole way was a lot different than my City. There were mountains, houses that were made using the mud, small lakes, pounds and long, never ending, clean roads.

When coming back from the trip, we lost the bus’ tires in which we were traveling. That was a pretty tough condition, no mobile signals, open forest, 100s of Kilometers away from the place where we can get signals (no chance getting the tires repaired¬† even there). We tried to stop the load carrying trucks but no one of them was able to help us. After 30 minutes of depression, we managed to get lift with a truck that was already carrying much load. Our driver decided to stay with the bus, and we thrown ourselves into the truck, wrapped a rope around us, and started traveling again. Due to big slopes and nature of the road, that truck was going very slow at around 50 kilometers per hour speed. But nonetheless we were happy that we’re moving forward. After and exhausting 1 and half hour’s time, we just managed to cover a distance of 65 kilometers and our destination¬† was about 300 kilometers away from that point. Suddenly we saw our bus coming on the road, fortunately, he saw us too. He managed to get the tire from an ambulance. So after 5 hours of more driving, we get back our homes.

Following are a few pictures amongst the 100s I shoot during the journey.

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