First thing you should know about this post is, THIS IS NOT A PAID REVIEW OR POST OR WHATEVER. This articles is based on my experience over the past 4 years.

Choosing the company that is going to hold and save you website data is one of the most critical part. If you really want to grow yourself online and you are serious with your online business, then web hosting is the first thing you should really worry about. You can actually get the good web hosting easily if you have big money but with limited budget, its pretty hard to find the honest hosting. I can still remember my first website, how it gain the popularity and traffic and how it went down (thanks to the cheap hosting). In the last 6 years, I tried several web hosting services, from local web hosting providers to many renowned companies. Most of those were a nightmare. I want to share a few points which I learned in the past  years.

1- CHEAP HOSTING (beware of this phrase)

Most of the people steps into WWW world, search for web hosting with this keyword and they get loads of results. Many companies claiming on their website that offer ultra cheap hosting with excellent support and blah blah. What does that exactly mean? What does they mean when they say cheap? Their service, support or what? Let me tell you one thing, bandwidth is not free. That is bought for money so did other stuff like space etc. You could find many hosting companies offering 5GB storage space and 50 GB of data transfer for just 2$s per month. Trust me if you know about server things, this will look like a joke to you. A few popular one even offer UNLIMITED STORAGE SPACE AND UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH. What they don’t mention in the feature chart is the CPU and RAM usage you are allowed to use. They tell you about this when you see a page instead of  your website, that says

You’re site is suspended due to violation of our terms of our services.

What the hell??? You worked hard to build the traffic for your website and when traffic started to arrive, they put this page. You email hosting support and they tell that your website was using high amount of CPU and RAM.

You need to understand here that you can’t use all the unlimited bandwidth or even 50 GB, because if you’re site is getting that much traffic, their server can’t bear that much traffic, and its time for you upgrade.

Conclusion: Before buying cheap hosting (cheap in terms of price) you should focus on what you exactly needed at the starting stage, not what unlimited stuff they are offering because you’re not going to use their unlimited stuff anyway.

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