Few days ago, I was contacted by a guy through my website. He was interested in my services. He wanted me to re-design his website. We decided rates etc and I sent him the agreement via email which he accepted.

First, he told me that he needs light color theme, I sent him a preview in 2 days. He replied that colors are not good and background is too simple.

I sent him the same layout with changed color scheme, a brighter one. He told me that design was very simple and he can get this design on a much lower price at GetAFreelaner.com,

I ask him what exactly was making the design look bad, but he said he don’t know he needs an awesome design because he is paying good money. He said he needs something like gamesradar.com and onlineflashgames.org. I asked him, since when gamesradar’s colors become light color theme? He replied that I should forget what he said about the color theme and instead make something unique.

Here I thought I should cancel the project, but I decided to give it another try. I designed another mock up, a really unique and web 2.0. I was 100% sure that he is going to like it, but I received the following reply,

“omg the layout is not good at all, i can do that myself. i thought i told you similar to this one http://www.onlineflashgames.org/ ? what happen? are you really design this http://www.onlineflashgames.org/ ? If not please dont waste my times.

check this out http://www.***********.com/ he design very nice arcade template and much cheaper thenĀ  you he only charge $300-$800 and i thought you are better that why i hired you

Maybe we work something else”

Then he asked me how good I am at Flash, and other stuff. You see, he’s claiming that he can design a PRO design himself :/

I keep asking him, what exactly is wrong in the previews I am sending him, but he never gave a satisfying reply. I think he found a cheap service provider on some freelance website. I have decided not to work with him.

This way, a guy wasted 4-5 precious days of my life.
Clients from hell.

I love my workspace. I am spending much of life there :). Here are a few photos of my workspace.

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I got 2-3 these emails almost everyday in my inbox. In start I was wondering people are following me? Even people with 5-15K follower are following me. Why? Did I wrote some very brilliant article or what?

Well, they just starts following people in bulk and in return get followers. When they have much followers, they starts removing people from their following list so the count of their followers will be greater than the count of people they follow. So they look kind of big guys. So, I just don’t follow those people unless I know ‘em personally.

PS: That post looks a tongue twister :)