Few days ago, I was contacted by a guy through my website. He was interested in my services. He wanted me to re-design his website. We decided rates etc and I sent him the agreement via email which he accepted.

First, he told me that he needs light color theme, I sent him a preview in 2 days. He replied that colors are not good and background is too simple.

I sent him the same layout with changed color scheme, a brighter one. He told me that design was very simple and he can get this design on a much lower price at GetAFreelaner.com,

I ask him what exactly was making the design look bad, but he said he don’t know he needs an awesome design because he is paying good money. He said he needs something like gamesradar.com and onlineflashgames.org. I asked him, since when gamesradar’s colors become light color theme? He replied that I should forget what he said about the color theme and instead make something unique.

Here I thought I should cancel the project, but I decided to give it another try. I designed another mock up, a really unique and web 2.0. I was 100% sure that he is going to like it, but I received the following reply,

“omg the layout is not good at all, i can do that myself. i thought i told you similar to this one http://www.onlineflashgames.org/ ? what happen? are you really design this http://www.onlineflashgames.org/ ? If not please dont waste my times.

check this out http://www.***********.com/ he design very nice arcade template and much cheaper then  you he only charge $300-$800 and i thought you are better that why i hired you

Maybe we work something else”

Then he asked me how good I am at Flash, and other stuff. You see, he’s claiming that he can design a PRO design himself :/

I keep asking him, what exactly is wrong in the previews I am sending him, but he never gave a satisfying reply. I think he found a cheap service provider on some freelance website. I have decided not to work with him.

This way, a guy wasted 4-5 precious days of my life.
Clients from hell.


Glassical is a glossy two column, widget ready and WordPress 2.8 compatible WordPress theme designed for passionate bloggers. I have used the Embedded Nevis Fonts with Cusfon and theme is designed exclusively for Smashing Magazine. It also uses jQuery Corner library for rounded corners. I hope you guys will like it.


  1. Widget Ready.
  2. Ads on header and Sidebar can be changed via the widgets.
  3. WP Pagenavi ready, Just install the plugin and the CSS is already packed with theme.
  4. Supports the new WordPress nested comment system.


Theme can be viewed in action at

Theme can be downloaded from

I am writing this post after 4 days of making the project live. The V3 of the OnlineFlashGames.org is one of the biggest projects I have done alone. This web app have around 150 PHP files, 40+ Javascript files, 25 css files, 100+ html files.

I took months to complete the application, long lines of codes, and painful hours of testing (I hate testing). However, I am glad that site is now live and stable. I appreciate my visitors to visit the new project, signup and enjoy some online games. OnlineFlashGames.org is the link of the website.

I love my workspace. I am spending much of life there :). Here are a few photos of my workspace.

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Yesterday, March 22nd, 2009, I along with my friends traveled to visit the Hingol National Park. That was a whole lot fun. We hired a small bus instead of going via our own cars. The whole way was a lot different than my City. There were mountains, houses that were made using the mud, small lakes, pounds and long, never ending, clean roads.

When coming back from the trip, we lost the bus’ tires in which we were traveling. That was a pretty tough condition, no mobile signals, open forest, 100s of Kilometers away from the place where we can get signals (no chance getting the tires repaired¬† even there). We tried to stop the load carrying trucks but no one of them was able to help us. After 30 minutes of depression, we managed to get lift with a truck that was already carrying much load. Our driver decided to stay with the bus, and we thrown ourselves into the truck, wrapped a rope around us, and started traveling again. Due to big slopes and nature of the road, that truck was going very slow at around 50 kilometers per hour speed. But nonetheless we were happy that we’re moving forward. After and exhausting 1 and half hour’s time, we just managed to cover a distance of 65 kilometers and our destination¬† was about 300 kilometers away from that point. Suddenly we saw our bus coming on the road, fortunately, he saw us too. He managed to get the tire from an ambulance. So after 5 hours of more driving, we get back our homes.

Following are a few pictures amongst the 100s I shoot during the journey.

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